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Between Tapir




The Client: defined as: 'Any person or entity which commissions work from Tapir Ltd and accepts, either explicitly or implicitly, statements of work, time sheets or invoices from Tapir Ltd.'


  1. Services 

    1. Subject to the terms set out below the consultancy agrees to supply the following services to the client : 

    2. Research products, price and position in the various target markets agreed. 

    3. Use all skills, experience and knowledge contacts to fulfil the objectives within the limits of the engagement.

    4. Plan and prepare for activities, specified verbally or in writing. 

    5. Acquire and share insight in the various topics agreed 

    6. Consult and advise both verbally and in witing on deliverables 

    7. Research, budget and prepare routes to market in all target markets. 

    8. In partnership with external agencies and partners, produce deliverables in a reasoned and timely fashion and within agreed budgets. 

    9. Devise and document a future plan that will fulfil future objectives 

    10. Any other consultancy services agreed from time to time with the client and deliverable within the contracted time available. 

  2. Terms of agreement 

    1. This agreement begins on the first day that recoded work is reported and is a continuous agreement until 30 days notice to cancel is given by either party in writing by a verifiable method agreed. 

  3. Time contracted 

    1. The consultant will produce detailed timesheets to accompany monthly invoices.  

    2. The client may direct the consultant to prioritise certain work and set reasonable (achievable within the time available) deadlines for completion of tasks. 

    3. The consultant will invoice for all time spent on work for the client in addition to any minimum time or monthly fee agreed at a rate of £50 plus any taxes due per hour unless an alternative rate is negotiated and mutually agreed.

    4. Any dispute over recorded hours submitted must be raised in writing by close of business (1700) on the 10th day after the date of Invoice.

  4. Locations and expenses 

    1. The consultant will perform all services from the operating offices of The Client or other appropriate locations at the consultant's discretion.  

    2. Travel to other locations is chargeable at a rate of £0.45 plus any taxes due per mile or the full rail fare in force at the time of travel from Windermere, Cumbria to the destination.  

    3. If the consultant is required to spend time in hotel accommodation the budget is a minimum of £200 in the UK but cheaper acceptable accommodation will be used if available subject to the sole discretion of the Consultant.

    4. In the execution of this work, the consultant may, from time to time judge that business entertainment (meal or drinks) of a source or potential client is appropriate. The client agrees to reimburse all such justifiable expenses to the consultant immediately on production of copy receipts. 

    5. Subsistence for days spent out of the operating office on the client's business will be charged on the expenses invoice at a rate of £40 +any taxes due per day. 

  5. Payment to consultant 

    1. The consultant is retained at a rate of £50.00 plus any taxes due per hour recorded in the Harvest app unless agreed otherwise in writing.  

    2. Invoices for minimum monthly hours as agreed will be submitted on or before 3rd of each month and will be paid on receipt of invoice.

    3. At the sole discretion of the consultant, an invoice for a minimum amount may be submitted monthly and payment for any fees all recorded hours worked not covered by this minimum over and above this sum may be deferred until a date no more than six calendar months from the date of the hours worked. 

    4. Payment for all recorded hours submitted with monthly invoices is due whether invoiced at the time or not.

    5. At the sole discretion of the consultant, interest may be charged on any deferred fees at the Bank of England base rate plus eight per cent.

    6. At the sole discretion of the consultant, charges for excess hours may be further deferred.

    7. Invoices for expenses will be submitted on an ad hoc basis and will be settled within 7 working days of invoice. 

  6. Independent contractor 

    1. The client and the consultant agree that the consultant acts as an independent contractor in the provision of services under this contract. Accordingly, the contractor shall charge any taxes due at the rate in force at the time of invoice and shall be responsible for all applicable taxes arising from payments made to the consultant. 

  7. Confidential information 

    1. The consultant agrees that any information which is flagged by the client as 'confidential' received by the consultant in the course of their work will be treated as such by the consultant and will not be revealed to any other persons, companies, organisations or agencies without consent from the client except where required by law. 

  8. Intellectual Property

    1. All research, content generated, advice given, plans, budgets and all results of work carried out during time recorded for the Client will remain the intellectual property of the Consultant until all invoices are settled in full and any deferred hours have been paid for. 

    2. Once full payment has been made to the satisfaction of the Consultant, all intellectual right, copyrights, patents etc will revert to the Client, who may ask the Consultant to sign a declaration to this effect.

  9. Employment of others 

    1. The client may from time to time request that the consultant arranges for the supply or services of other consultants, agencies, businesses or companies.

    2. All costs for any such supply of services shall be paid by the client but in no event shall the consultant engage such services without written or email authorisation from the client. 

    3. The consultant may delegate some work which falls under the hours recorded to a member of staff or an appropriate associate.  

  10. Tacit agreement to these terms

    1. By paying submitted invoices and accepting work carried out, the client implicitly agrees to these terms, whether payment has been in part or in full.

  11. If the Client does not wish to be bound by the terms of this agreement, they must notify the Consultant before any work commences or be bound by them until the engagement is terminated..

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