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Indian Travel Agents


We wanted to find out how the Indian travel trade engaged with regional Britain

as a destination.


We collaborated with one of the country's leading travel trade publishers

and event organisers to produce and distribute a short online survey of over

1500 Indian Travel Agents .

Here is a summary of the insights we gained:


  • Agents rated their knowledge of the English regions at 28.6% of what they feel it should be.

  • 52.4% of their active customers are interested in travelling to the UK in the next two years.

  • 69% of these would be travelling for leisure / tourism as opposed for business / MICE.

  • Nearly 100% would like to know more about English regions outside London.


Most agents would like to know more about the British nations, specifically:

  • 88% would like to know more about Scotland

  • 55% would like to know more about Wales

  • 77% would like to know more about Ireland

Agents are specific about the subjects they would find most helpful:

  • 86% would like to know more about internal travel within the UK

  • 36% would like to know more about accommodation options

  • 21% would like to know more about food and drink options

  • 89% would like to know more about attractions and things to see and do.


When asked how this product knowledge would be delivered in an ideal world, they ranked options as follows:

1st: Online - in digital magazine format that they can share with clients

2nd (by a whisker): Face to face in a workshop

3rd: Printed magazine, brochure or directory

4th: Series of emails or emailed links to information pages

For information on Tapir's Travel Supplement, which will deliver destination information and training to travel specifiers, please click here

For information on the Outbound Travel Roadshow, a four city travelling sales mission, engaging with major tour operators and the all-important travel agents, please contact us or read an article about the experience by clicking here

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