Lake District Virtual Travel Trade Showcase

Date: 16th-17th March 2022


In February 2021, 234 tourism buyers from across the World joined us to meet some of the people who make visitors to the Lake District the happiest of tourists and learn about the places to stay, to visit and to take refreshment in our wonderful region.

If you would like to see delegate feedback from the 2021 event, CLICK HERE

What is it?: A virtual showcase, taking place on the online platform developed specifically for this purpose. We have partly populated the platform with example information so that you can see what to expect. Click here to have a look at a sample "virtual exhibition stand'.


Purpose: To exhibit your tourism offers to invited travel trade buyers, to build relationships and to discuss future business, opportunities and practicalities. This is not a consumer event, so only trade buyers will be admitted.


Why?: They are interested in seeing new products as well as products they already know but want to know what has changed and how you will be handling visitors / guests in the future.


Who is coming?:

  • Tour operator and travel wholesaler buyers from the UK and abroad.

  • Tapir’s existing database has been augmented by LinkedIn campaigns to grow this list of invitees. 

  • Some of your tourism colleagues including Cumbria Tourism will be inviting their contacts to attend and you are encouraged to invite your own contacts. 

  • Tapir will be carrying out a digital marketing and PR campaign to attract qualified attendees

  • We anticipate that around 300 qualified buyers will visit the showcase this year (2022).


How much time will it take up?: Prior to the event, you should respond to requests for meetings and manage your diary for the day. Most of this is automated.


Exhibitors should be available for the duration of the event – but if you have to do other work and can keep an eye on emails, you will be alerted if a visitor would like to meet. 


You should also allow time for follow-up activities soon after the event. The virtual showcase will remain available to visitors for a few weeks after the main days. Your link to video chat can be removed on request.


What will I need to provide?: To have a successful virtual stand, you should submit the sort of material you see on the example stand. 


  • good photography, 

  • contact information for your staff that might have contact with buyers, 

  • a short description, 

  • downloads of any static material such as brochures. 

  • You can also provide a short video (if it's suitable for YouTube it will be fine).


We think it's a good idea get a one month paid subscription to Zoom for your own Zoom Room so that visitors can drop in and see you all day as well as enabling you to take pre-scheduled meetings. This is about £20.


What do attendees get?: Visitors (buyers) will be able to:

  • attend / view the keynote address

  • browse virtual stands 

  • download information  

  • make appointments with sellers to have video meetings

  • join the sellers on a ‘drop in’ video meeting room

  • attend talks and seminars 

  • read blog posts

  • obtain a .pdf catalogue of exhibitors 


This event is a logical and effective way to present your product to important buyers, initiate and maintain business relationships and to build the brand of our wonderful region.


Time is short so if you are interested, you can respond by filling in the form below or giving us a ring on 01539 766142. You can also contact Francine at Cumbria Tourism by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as an exhibitor.


Your privacy: All data gathered by this form will be used exclusively by Tapir Ltd to contact you about this event. Selected parts of it will also be shared with Cumbria Tourism for the same purpose. Under no circumstances will your details be shared or sold to any other parties.