Lakeland Farm Visitor Centre

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The ‘Hungry Farmer’ lunches for groups


Soup of the Day V: Freshly made by our chef every day in our kitchens. We offer seasonal ingredients, sourced locally as far as possible. Always hearty, always vegetarian. Served with a crusty hunk of same-day-baked bread and farmhouse butter.


Creamy Garlic Mushrooms V: Button mushrooms served in a bowl with creamy garlic sauce and hunk of same-day baked bread


Herdwick Lambs Liver Pate: Herdwicks are the breed of sheep that only live on the Cumbrian fells, so this dish could not be more local. Smooth and delicious homemade pate, served with warm bread and a local relish 

Main courses

Cottage Pie: Made with our own farm reared beef, this very British dish is a complete meal in one, including vegetables and beef in a rich gravy and topped with mashed potato and cheese.


Chicken Casserole: A farmers’ favourite. Chunks of farm-reared chicken and vegetables, simmered in a thick stock and served with creamy mashed potato.


Cheese and Onion Quiche V: Homemade vegetarian quiche, served with chunky but crispy sweet potato chips, and a side salad with coleslaw.



Grandmother Molly’s homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding V: Made from a recipe that has been in the Benson family for generations. Hot and sweet and full of energy. Served with ice cream.


Chocolate Brownie V: A traditional homemade brownie, rich with real chocolate and served warm with a scrumptious white chocolate sauce.


Apple Pie V: Homemade traditional Apple Pie, served warm with a fresh cream accompaniment. 

The ‘Hungry Farmer’ Afternoon Tea

Farmers love an Afternoon Tea just as much as anyone, but they expect more robust fare after a day out on the fells or in the fields. Join us for the Benson family’s favourite spread!

Chunky Sandwiches with various fillings - mostly from the farm. Choose your fillings or trust our selection of four firm family favourites:

  • beef, and horseradish 

  • ham and mustard 

  • cheese and local pickle 

  • egg and cress 

  • tuna mayonnaise (not from the farm)

  • cream cheese and cucumber

  • chicken and sweetcorn

  • slices of giant sausage roll, homemade scones with jam and cream, various traybakes (brownies, millionaires’ shortbread) and slices of home baked cakes.

P.S. This is an authentic farmers’ tea, so please don’t expect a dainty three tier cake stand, but do expect a hearty tea and tons of deliciousness!


The Hungry Farmer's Platter 


Everyone has heard of a Ploughman’s Lunch, but the Bensons don’t do any ploughing. But they do love this traditional plate of wonderful local food as a light lunch or heavy snack. Served cold

Sliced beef and ham, scotch eggs, chutney, English cheese, a selection of pickles, salad, a hearty hunk of same-day-baked bread and farmhouse butter

All dishes must be pre-ordered by the deadline agreed at the time of booking