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Tourism Web Apps

Tourist Map Web Apps are the future of promoting tourism businesses and driving revenue for DMOs.

A web app is a specially formulated website, optimised for mobile and tablets, GPS driven and capable of live updating. They are free to use for consumers and provide an easily monitored, results driven advertising medium for tourism and local businesses.

Web Apps are easier to use than native apps and can be distributed without using an App Store with its attendant admin and costs.


For a DMO, offering advertising to members and tourism businesses provides a revenue stream or enhanced benefits of membership. Talk to us today about owning and running your own Tourist Map Web App or our bespoke service to provide the finished article.

Users can: ​

  • track themselves using GPS

  • view detailed town/village maps

  • browse using the map and drop down information menu

  • tap on an icon to reveal a pop-up full screen advert or information panel

  • use links to website, email and phone

  • see if there are any special offers or features at the business, e.g.

        - special meal deals

        - discounted admission to attractions

        - exhibitions and performances

        - vacancies at accommodation locations

Tourism business adverts will:

  • show the business on the map

  • enable a full screen advert with links to:

        - website (landing page of advertisers' choice)

        - email to advertisers' nominated address

        - enquiries phone number (or a number of advertisers' choice)

        - special offers and features

        - book now facility​

For more information on distribution and advertising, please phone:

01539 766142 or email

Have a look at our first live web app here.

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