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Positive, proactive placemaking

Tapir uses Positive, Proactive Placemaking to create well-known and desirable destinations for business and leisure.

We use a unique mix of techniques to maintain and enhance the value of developments. 

We help you to attract and retain tenants and drive visitor traffic from specific segments of the available population. 


Our placemaking manifests itself as initiatives, events, activities and messages designed to:

  • generate a sense of place and community

  • attract and retain occupiers

  • enhance satisfaction amongst occupiers and their employees 

  • attract visitors

  • create or reinforce brand values associated with the development and its stakeholders


The key to successful placemaking is getting the right people to use your site and as a property owner, investor, tenant, asset manager or agent, you will have a clear idea of who you want to see there. If not, we can help you to define your target audience. 

We interpret a unique combination of audience segmentation and demographic mappingmethods, coupled with analysis of potential catchment areas and user clusters to identify and locate your ideal audiences. Our segmentation techniques are based on consumption of ‘culture*’ and ‘days out’ behaviour linked with socio-economic data from trusted sources. 

We match the preferences of your targets with events, activities and messages. So when we create an event or activity: 

  • it appeals to your target audience 

  • we can promote it accurately and cost-effectively 

  • it delivers the right segments to your location, during a period we can specify 

  • it delivers opportunities for positive messages about you and your property 

  • it enhances stakeholder relationships and builds partnerships 

  • it delivers maximum return on investment (see page on ROI). 


Tapir has worked with tourism clusters which have ambitions to become destinations

in their own right. Activities have included audience/customer profiling and research,

quality assessment, funding applications, marketing audit and placemaking activities. 

Tapir has produced an innovative destination web app, conventional materials and

partnered in organising a multi-faceted county festival with private and public sector


Tapir is now bringing placemaking activities to property developers and investors,

redefining places as destinations through insight, technology and innovation. New

clients include retail sites and mixed-use city-centre developments. 

* our definition of culture is anything that someone can be enthusiastic about, and ranges from

contemporary classical music or opera to darts and sausages! 

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