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Planning group travel for the future

Group travel is permissible

The Government's 'Rule of Six' has been clarified by DCMS and it seems that group travel on coaches is still permissible subject to several conditions. These are detailed on the website. In short, Coach trips of more than six people can go ahead as long as passengers keep in sub-groups of six or less and do not mingle with other sub-groups on the same tour. The detail can be found here.

More tours, fewer passengers

According to conversations I am having, tour operators and GTOs have become more optimistic about increasing the number of tours they run, even if they will have to take fewer passengers. The big question is whether there is the appetite to travel right now, and if not, when will people feel safe enough to travel in the way they used to.

Itinerary planners need extra information

And if tour operators and GTOs are going to start planning itineraries, are the services they used pre-covid are still available and what steps have these suppliers taken to ensure the well-being of their customers? I'm sure they will also want to know about capacity, timings, costs and all the things they would negotiate with suppliers at face to face meetings and travel trade events.

So what is the solution?

We have developed a platform for online events for travel buyers and suppliers which will facilitate these conversations.

From the comfort of your own desk

These online events will be free to attend for buyers and they will be able to browse suppliers virtual booths, view videos, download information and have one-on-one or multiple attendee video meetings with the supplier representatives. You can pre-book meetings as well. All this without moving from your desk.

So far the response from buyers (both domestic and from around the World) who have been contacted in a research context have been extremely positive. In short, lots of buyers from lots of markets will attend. I would like to quantify that as soon as possible, so if you are interested as a buyer or supplier, please connect with me or click here.

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